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Force file download script in PHP: Multiple files download by creating zip file format using PHP source code. This simple & free PHP script used to for user to download particular file in a ZIP format. It supports different file formats like .txt, .jpg, .pdf, .docx, .rar, .avi, .mp3 and more. It will support all major file formats. You can force your users to download like this. So this script will protect by direct downloading. Because of this, you can save your website’s bandwidth. Sometimes it will be used as a hot link protector.
• Project title: Force file download script in PHP
• Language: PHP Script
• Category: PHP Mini projects
If the users of your PHP website are trying to download some image file, then the script automatically generates an actual file in a zip file format. This is a very simple project, but something useful for the website owners. It is also known as php file download script.
You may have a question like “how create php download code?”. You will get an answer by using this code.

This PHP script supports the following files,
• Image file format,
• Video file format,
• Animation file format,
• Sounds file format,
• Text Document file format,
• PDF file format,
• And many more..,
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