Mail server


In professional world all the communications are being done by emails. Now a day’s mailing server is playing a very important role in our social and economical life. It is one of the secure and fast communicating mediums for a modern era. The mail server is also a good source to connect with your friends; it helps people to be active in social life. Social network helps a person both continue their existing relationship and finding new friends by reaching out the people you never met before. What is mailing server?
Mailing server is programmed by which you can send emails to your friends, who are registered with that server. It allows a user to transfer text and data like picture, video, mp3, etc. However, it has some limitations for the size of the attachment, but you can change it for your server and as per business needs.
In mailing server, a user can register herself/himself. After registration, they can login with their existing user id and password. The mailing server allows the user to customize their profile, change themes as per own interest.
Mailing server is also a very secure system. It provides you security as you needed your profile is protected with a password. You can change the password when you feel insecure with the old password. There is also the password recovery system in case you forgot your password you can recover your profile by verifying your alternate email or phone number.

Mailing system must be able to do these functions

Compose an email.
Send an email
Receive an email
Saving an email in the form of draft
Showing the detail of the received mail
Saving the email ids in contact list
Secured by password
Recovery of the password
Project objectives:
Today’s world is all depend upon email system. It also becomes a significant need of the businesses. That’s where, professionals must know mailing system and aware with that, how it works, how can to create a self hosted mailing system and other technical aspects To give learners a wide knowledge about it, here, we make available Free Php projects for students along with source code. Students can download this free source from the website easily. Source code will help you to understand and modify the software in an effortless manner.
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