Ballot Crusader


Ballot Crusader is meant for providing solution for the Election campaign. Election Campaign means canvassing the party agenda, policies, and structure of the party details to the people. Ballot Crusader is aimed at assisting the Election Commission of India in conducting and monitoring the Indian Elections. For Canvassing, Political Parties can use Letters, Signboards, TV Commercial adds for a special period of time. For this type of canvassing they can invest some money. Normally the political parties submit this information on their investments to the Election Commission. Every contesting candidate at an election has to maintain the correct account of expenditure incurred/authorized in connection with the election. The political parties give an explanation for the expenditure for canvassing to the Election Commission. Whenever elections are proposed, the Election Commission issues guide lines to parties regarding the Campaign Investments. The political party people can query and check the data hosted by the Election Commission. The parties should surrender their investment as per the Guidelines. Election Commission scrutinizes the investments and posts the scrutinized data in to the system for clarifications of parties.


The system after careful analysis has been identified to be presented with the following modules:
The Modules involved are
1. Authentication and Security Module
2. Political parties Module
3. Member Assets Module
4. Party Campaign Module
5. Election Module
6. Reports Module

Software Requirements:

Operating System : Windows XP/2003 or Linux
User Interface : HTML, CSS
Client-side Scripting : JavaScript
Programming Language : Java
Web Applications : JDBC, Servlets, JSP
IDE/Workbench : MyEclipse6.0
Database : Oracle10g
Server Deployment : Tomcat 5.x
Hardware Requirements:

Processor : Pentium IV
Hard Disk : 40GB
RAM : 512MB or more
Source File

Project Source Code